Cool Videos: Quentin Tarantino: Hollywood's Boy Wonder documentary

This installment of COOL VIDEOS comes care of the man himself, JoBlo!

The bossman found a BBC documentary on one of our favorite directors, Quentin Tarantino. It was part of a series titled BBC Omnibus.

In the documentary, we are taken into Tarantino's West Hollywood apartment. There's the best television that money could buy in 1994 along with his inspiration tacked to his walls. Notice the stacks of VHS' on top of that monster TV. I felt as if I had traveled back in time. Can I get his email so I can ask for that amazing TRUE ROMANCE poster?

We learn about how the director works, what he loves, and the perception of what he's about from fellow filmmakers and actors. This all right as PULP FICTION hits screens in the UK. If you enjoy listening to Tarantino and want a little more insight about what makes him tick, check this out.

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Extra Tidbit: I love the things that this man loves.
Source: YouTube



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