Cool Videos: Quentin Tarantino on Letterman just before the release of Pulp Fiction

This December, Tarantino is back, releasing his new film DJANGO UNCHAINED,while the DVD/Blu Ray boxed set TARANTINO XX, a collection of his work to date, just recently hit shelves.  But, back before he was a household name, Tarantino was an up-and-coming director who had made an impression with his first feature, RESERVOIR DOGS, and was primed to make a splash with the now-classic PULP FICTION.  In anticipation of that film's release, Tarantino "made the rounds," which included a visit to Letterman, where he discussed his video rental store roots, the difference between film nerds and film geeks, and his inspiration for the dance sequence with John Travolta and Uma Thurman.

I love these nostalgic looks back, where you can reflect on how things were "before they were famous."  It seems that Tarantino hasn't changed much at all and it'd be cool to see him drop by Letterman before DJANGO UNCHAINED is released just to see how different the interaction may (or may not) be. 

Let's head back to 1994, shall we?

DJANGO UNCHAINED will arrive on December 25, 2012, while the boxed set, TARANTINO XX is now in stores.  Click here to order!

Extra Tidbit: Have you bought the Tarantino XX set yet? Worth the bones?



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