COOL VIDEOS: R2D2 has another hidden message for Luke and Obi-Wan

Everyone knows about Princess Leia's secret message that ingrained the phrase, "Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope," into our collective Star Wars nerdpedia. However, there was another message R2D2 carried and it wasn't quite as clear as her Royal Highness' of Alderaan.

Get the message:

Yeah, it's pretty silly, but funny in a timely way, given the recent hologram perfermance from Tupac.  I think the funniest thing about this little clip is Luke and Obi-Wan's reactions to what they're seeing, which if they had seen that in the context of the SW universe I reckon it would be one big WTF moment, especially since they're used to mostly cantina music.  

Extra Tidbit: Ever notice how nobody in the Star Wars universe watches TV? Aside from some tv sets in the bar in Episode 2, everyone is always watching shitty holograms. They have light sabers and star destroyers but no flat panel HDTV's? Come oonnnnnnnn.
Source: Buzzfeed



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