Cool Videos: Remember 1990

A couple of months ago after doing some late night browsing on the internet, I came across the ultimate nostalgia overload with YouTube user Thepeterson's montage "Remember 1997". I remembered a great deal of the things that were shown but between the musical overlay and shit I didn't remember, I felt that I had taken a time machine back 16 years ago.

The same thing happened when I watched Thepeterson's latest "Remember 1990". I didn't realize that some of these things actually came out that year. I thought it was at least '92. My memory is sort of terrible anyway. What's great is that you get to see the good and maybe not so good films and television series of the the 90s. There's also music videos (when they had their heyday) and news events.

I can't even begin to start listing some of the things you are going to see. It's better if you just re-experience then for yourself. If you want to see the rest of the nostalgic videos along with a list of the clips and music videos shown, head here.

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