Cool Videos: Samuel L Jackson asks voters to Wake The F&$k Up!

Movies and politics go together like Ali Larter and whipped cream. Both are businesses that rely on good looks and public appeal. We all have a fascination with the political leanings of our celebrity elite. Some even base their vote on which party has the better Hollywood cred.

One thing that transcends party lines is Samuel L. Jackson. We can all agree that he truly is the baddest motherf*cker on the planet. The man can do anything from an iPhone commercial to THE AVENGERS and we still are amazed by how awesome he is. But, he is a man and has political beliefs of his own. Those beliefs lean in the decidedly Democratic direction.

What follows is hilarious, inappropriate, relevant, and above all NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Proceed at your own risk!

Sam Jackson teamed up with director Boaz Yakin (REMEMBER THE TITANS, SAFE) to create this video in support of Barack Obama's reelection. The clip, entitled "Wake the F*ck Up" is a spoof of the children's book Go The F*ck To Sleep. There is no doubt this video is anti-Romney at all. I am sure many of you are going to hate this, but I had to share it. Sam Jackson is a badass political commentator, too!

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Extra Tidbit: Do you think your political affiliation affects your movie tastes?
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