Samuel L. Jackson catches newbies up on Game of Thrones

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Six seasons of GAME OF THRONES are in the books... or rather, the HBO archives, so as not to confuse the series with the actual novels written by George R.R. Martin. But there are some people who still aren't current with the show. There are those who just never got into it (to each their own), and then there are others who wanted to get into it, but now they feel too far gone. 60 episodes is a lot of episodes to get to now, and, when you look at it as you pull up your HBO Go or HBO Now account, it feels overwhelming. I get it. 

That's why Samuel L. Jackson is coming to the rescue. 

HBO has called on Jackson to put forth a Beginner's Guide of sorts to what has transpired in Westeros since the series kicked off back in 2011... and the best part? He's not even trying to disguise the fact that he's Samuel L. Jackson. This is the Samuel L. Jackson-iest recap of GAME OF THRONES you're ever going to get. Enjoy it. 


Source: HBO



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