Cool Videos: Samuel L. Jackson performs slam poetry about Boy Meets World

Samuel L. Jackson can do anything, literally. The man is a tireless worker who has done every conceivable role from comedy to drama to commercials. Whether it be an indie, a blockbuster, or just a web video, Samuel L. Jackson gives it is all. His memorable voice has also enhanced everything it has graced and he will forever be a fan favorite because of it. When he became Nick Fury for Marvel, he added a level of cool to a character that was already being modeled on his physical appearance.

So, why not have some fun and do something completely unexpected? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the immortal Samual L. Jackson performing a slam poem about BOY MEETS WORLD on The Tonight Show. You can't tell from this video whether Jackson has ever seen an episode of the ABC sitcom starring Ben Savage but he certainly sells it. Between Jackson doing these or Gary Oldman giving dramatic readings of R. Kelly songs, late night television has certainly given us a nice array of viral clips starring our favorite actors.

Samuel L. Jackson can be seen in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER beginning this Friday.


Source: YouTube



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