Cool Videos: Scarface, The 3rd Grade Play

UPDATE - TMZ has confirmed what we suspected: the video is a fake. The clip was shot in LA in the past few weeks by a production company that has worked on music videos for Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. The audience is made up of friends and colleagues, not parents.

I'm not sure exactly what would possess teachers and parents to allow a group of elementary school kids to put on "Scarface" as their yearly play but the teachers certainly were behind this and the parents have nothing but applause at the end. I'm torn between whether they thought this would be trashy cool or arthouse avant-garde but either way, it's online for your enjoyment. It's a group of 8-year-olds starring in SCARFACE with popcorn, nerf guns and the word "fudge."

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Extra Tidbit: "You do coke and you kill people. That's 'woooonderful'...."
Source: Break.com



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