Cool Videos: Scary short inspired by the childhood dreams of Guillermo Del Toro

With Halloween next week, Indiecan Entertainment has released this excellent spooky short film inspired by dreams Guillermo Del Toro had as a child. It's called SHHH, and is about a child who is tired of being scared of a monster that visits him nightly, and overcomes the creature with his imagination.

"This is an anti-bullying project created in our spare time with a low budget. A tribute to one the filmmakers we look up to since we were kids, Guillermo del Toro. It couldn't have been completed without many sleepless nights and a lot of help & support from our talented cast, crew, family and colleagues. The film had a great response in the festival circuit and we're very happy to finally share it with all of you here."

I really enjoyed the video, and it definitely has a Del Toro vibe to it. And who knows: if the short gets enough attention maybe a full-length version will be created, like with last year's MAMA. I know I'd watch it.


SHHH from What is F? on Vimeo.

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Extra Tidbit: What creature or dream scared the shit out of you as a child? For me it was Pumpkinhead.
Source: Vimeo



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