Cool Videos: Sesame Street, Jimmy Fallon, & Michael Keaton spoof Birdman

In just a few days, the Academy Awards will bestow their annual Oscar for Best Picture of the Year. Most are hedging their bets that it will be either Richard Linkater's BOYHOOD or Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's BIRDMAN. Both are unique explorations of cinema and what it means to be a man at different phases of your life. In the case of BIRDMAN, you know the film has made it when it has earned the honor of a SESAME STREET spoof.

In the first cool video, Carol Spinney takes the Michael Keaton role in his own version of BIRDMAN complete with an inner monologue from his costumed alter ego. This is a perfectly put together homage to the feature film and also a staggering reminder of just how long Spinney has played the iconic SESAME STREET character.

We also have a recent appearance on THE TONIGHT SHOW featuring Keaton reenacting scenes from BIRDMAN opposite Jimmy Fallon. The catch here is the scenes are not from the film BIRDMAN but scripts sent in by grammar school children. The results are bizarre and awesome. You gotta love Michael Keaton for playing along as well.

Both videos are great reminders of not only how good BIRDMAN is but also how deserving it would be to win top honors this Sunday.

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