Cool Videos: Snikt! Real Wolverine claws created by master blacksmith and prop maker Tony Swatton

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Fan made creations inspired by their favorite comic, movie or television show are pretty common to find online, but sometimes the end result isn't that great. You see something like, "Check out this fully functioning Ghostbusters Proton Pack!" and you quickly click on the link, only to discover it's just a poorly painted Super Soaker. And it doesn't even light up! You call that fully functioning? Lying bastards.

You can find a ton of Wolverine claws online, but I doubt you'll find a pair made as well as these from blacksmith Tony Swatton. He specializes in crafting different weapons from famous films and television series, and with THE WOLVERINE out soon the blacksmith decided to create Logan's trademark claws for the latest episode of his show "Man at Arms." Unfortunately, the claws don't retract and they aren't made out of adamantium, but Swatton is clearly very good at what he does, and I wouldn't mind having a set of these kicking around just in case there's a zombie apocalypse/home invasion. Swatton also tests the claws on various things, and there's one item in particular he uses the claws on that is sure to make many of you laugh and cheer.

You can check out Tony Swatton's previous projects like Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasty VII, a Klingon Bat'leth and a diamond sword from Minecraft (as well as new stuff on Mondays) on the Youtube channel AWE me.

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Extra Tidbit: I remember being at a biker/fair event when I was 12 or 13, and I found a booth selling a replica of the tripple-edged knife from THE SHADOW. Still kicking myself for not getting it when I could.
Source: AWE me Youtube



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