Cool Videos: Star Trek goes against Star Wars in this cool fan made trailer

The eternal debate continues to struggle about which is the better franchise: STAR TREK or STAR WARS. Most fans find themselves on one side of the divide or another with a percentage, like me, loving both equally. With J.J. Abrams now crossing the streams by directing the latest iterations of both reinvigorated universes, the question is asked anew.

A few weeks ago, we brought you the fan made trailer pitting Marvel and DC versus STAR WARS. Now, Alex Luthor brings us the follow-up that pits STAR TREK against STAR WARS. The well edited trailed takes scenes from both of J.J. Abrams' STAR TREK movies along with footage from the STAR WARS saga and video games to give every fan fiction nerd out there a visual wet dream.

The odds of ever seeing this become reality are slim to none. But, Sony and Disney just made peace to bring Spider-man to the MCU, so never say never.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS hits theaters on December 18, 2015 and STAR TREK 3 debuts on July 8, 2016.

Source: YouTube



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