Cool Videos: Star Wars Cantina karaoke with Billy Dee Williams, Patton Oswalt and Jason Schwartzman

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Who knew Lando had such a lovely singing voice? This video was made to help raise awareness for the charity Course of the Force (they do fundraising for Make-A-Wish) and it features Billy Dee Williams singing the song "West Coast" in the famous Cantina bar on Tatooine from STAR WARS. Pretty fun stuff, considering there's also appearances by Patton Oswalt, Jason Schwartzman, Carrie Keagan, Chris Hardwick and Mike Phirman. It's always great to find a video like this online and it's even better when the video is made to help a charity. You can find out more about Course of the Force or contribute to the charity by going here.

"Hey Solo, I have to dispose of a dead body! This is a space penny!"

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Extra Tidbit: Well, Han Solo definitely shot first this time...
Source: Youtube



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