COOL VIDEOS: Star Wars Kinect Han Solo Dance

Okay, okay, this isn't "cool."  This is actually uncool, if you ask me, but it's too much not to share: Han Solo dancing to his own song, followed by Lando, in the new Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360 game.  I guess you could say that maybe the rabid Star Wars fanbase shouldn't get in a tizzy over every wacky thing done with the franchise merchandise and spin-off material, but sometimes it just gets ridiculous.  Still, I had a good laugh with this, but I doubt many of you will make it all the way through this. 

Bust a parsec:

I mean, did anybody like the dance sequence in the RETURN OF THE JEDI special edition?  Show of hands?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  It was simply stupid.  I actually would've preferred the dance number from the video game than the one in the actual film.  Imagine Han Solo unfreezing from carbonite and then breaking into song and dance, complete with robotic-techno song voice...

Shit, I hope Lucas doesn't read this...

Extra Tidbit: If there's a Slave Leia strip tease in this game then a purchase may be warranted.
Source: CVG



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