Cool Videos: Star Wars Uncut Director's Cut- the whole film remade 15 seconds at a time

STAR WARS UNCUT has been in the works for three years now, a website where anyone could create and upload their very own 15 second piece of STAR WARS. Every so often they'd take votes on the clips and release completed scenes from the film, and we covered one in 2010 that showcased the escape from the Death Star.

Not content with winning the first "Interactive Media- Fiction" Emmy that wasn't tied to a TV show, the creators of the project have stiched together every single clip and recreated the whole film. Since STAR WARS runs over 2 hours long and each clip is 15 seconds long- well, you do the math. Countless hours have been put behind this film.

Not sure if I'd ever make it to the end of this, but it's a pretty impressive project. Still, if you're going to watch it see it sooner rather than later- Lucasarts is more than a little protective of its work and this seems to use a ton of sound from the film. Let's hope they leave it alone.

Source: Star Wars Uncut



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