Cool Videos: Stephen Amell puts Arrow in flight at WWE SummerSlam


The WWE has been known for its fair share of celebrity appearances over the years - in addition to a number of other things - but last night at their big event of August, SummerSlam, they had a superhero in their midst.

Stephen Amell, star of ARROW, was lined up to team with Neville in a tag match against Stardust and King Barrett, and, in surprising fashion, he didn't just stand on the ring apron, waiting for one big moment to pop the crowd. He more than held his own, even taking to the top turnbuckle for a flying crossbody, diving onto his opponents on the outside of the ring and setting up his team for the win.

Oh... and for those of you who want to bring up the idea that wrestling is "fake," let Amell's back after the bout dispute your position and say otherwise. (For the record, it's pre-determined.)

ARROW returns to The CW for its new season, starting Wednesday, October 7th, and be sure to stay tuned to JoBlo for reviews of Season 4's coming episodes.

Source: WWE Network



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