Cool Videos: Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo need a Snickers in this great ad

While you can catch all of the Super Bowl ads for 2015's biggest films, there are bound to be some non-trailer commercials that are going to become instant classics during the NFL championship game. Every year we get a handful with famous faces from big and small screen alike. With some ads already debuting online, here is one I think you may like.

Snickers ads have featured some pretty great celebrity stand ins for their campaign that "you aren't you when you are hungry". Robin Williams, Betty White, Abe Vigoda, Joe Pesci, and even Godzilla have appeared in the ads. This new one features MACHETE's Danny Trejo dropped into a scene from THE BRADY BUNCH. Trejo does a pretty frightening impression of Marcia before Steve Buscemi steals the commercial as Jan.

I loved this enough that it almost made me wish we would get a feature length version of THE BRADY BUNCH with these guys reprising their roles.

Source: YouTube



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