Cool Videos: Suicide Squad sales pitch


There are definitely people out there in the world who take their SUICIDE SQUAD too seriously. They don't want to hear one negative word about the latest DC Extended Universe film, and, if they do, God help you... there will be threats and harassment to follow. I get the feeling those people aren't going to like poking fun at the movie either. Too bad for them. 

Because even as we move forward from a movie that some liked and others didn't (it's fine to just agree to disagree), we need to remember that this isn't life and death. This is meant to be entertainment, and, with that, we should maintain a sense of humor about what's delivered to us... because hey, if we can't laugh at ourselves or the things that are meant for us, then who and/or what can we laugh at?

Enter Jenny Nicholson who, over the weekend, put her spin on David Ayer's film by putting together what she imagined the SUICIDE SQUAD sales pitch to be. It's really funny. So give it a few minutes of your day and maybe grab a few laughs... and, if you don't get anything out of it, that's okay, too. We'll try again another time. 

Source: YouTube



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