Cool Videos: The Back to the Future Song Works for Everything

Okay, here's a good debate topic: does the BACK TO THE FUTURE theme fit everything? My quick answer is no but does the idea make for a funny video? Depends on which movies you're throwing in the pile.

I think out of all of them, DEADLY FRIEND works the best, and not because it actually works but because it's funny. So if you were to find a bunch of weird "clips" like that one, then perhaps. The song from BACK TO THE FUTURE is exactly where it deserves to be. Just like the theme for JURASSIC PARK. Though that might be kind of funny to test as well.

The video says "to be continued" so I guess that later they are going to mash some more scenes for the same song...

Here's a challenge: which theme from a movie would really fit anything, in your opinion?

Extra Tidbit: The song is stuck in my head now! Wait, nope, Huey Lewis and The News.
Source: Funny or Die



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