Cool Videos: The Bat Man of Shanghai

I stumbled across this DC Nation short on Cartoon Network over the weekend and was blown away. Now it is popping up all over the internet from comic and animation fans who want more of this unique take on the Dark Knight legend.

THE BAT MAN OF SHANGHAI is a classic "what if" story that moves the classic story to an unfamiliar setting. We have seen Batman portrayed in a manga style before, but this story completely relocates and re-imagines the story as if it was always meant to be set in China. Bane looks about the same, Catwoman is completely redesigned, and Batman is very cool looking.

The only problem I have with these shorts is they only run for about a minute. Like the original CLONE WARS shorts. these feel worthy enough to be expanded into a full series. Someone at DC needs to greenlight an anthology series where each season reboots a classic hero in a totally new setting. Hey, if they can create a billion superhero toys that have crazy gadgets and costumes, they can do a whole show!

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite "what if" superhero story/design?
Source: YouTube



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