Cool Videos: The Drafthouse's latest genius attempt to curb talking during movies

Just the other day, I was watching a movie in my local theater and during the PSA about not using your cell phone or talking during the movie, the guy in front of me was talking on his cell phone. It's a sad epidemic in movie theaters and runs rampant in New York City. But the Drafthouse isn't standing for it.

They have a strict policy about talkers and texters and those who disrupt the movie-going experience. You get warned once and if you're reported again, you're immediately kicked out with no refund. This happened recently to a girl in Austin who was caught twice texting during the movie. True to form, she was kicked out and later that night left a rather angry voicemail for the Drafthouse employees. So they took that voicemail and turned it into their latest pre-movie policy trailer. It's pretty genius. Check it out below.

"I've texted in all the other theaters in Austin and no one ever gave a fuck!"



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