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The internet may have some nasty, depraved, disturbing, and genuinely stupid things posted up in it, but that's not all that there is to be had. Sometimes, every once in a long while, something so awesome appears that it not only makes the slog through those not-so-nice things worth it but it makes everything else that was seemingly awesome pale in comparison.

Such is the case with YouTube user Namchild and their stop-motion short film The Duel (LEGO). Accompanied by some fantastic music for the occasion, watch below as Lego becomes the vehicle to tell a better action story than 90% of what is currently out there.

Oh, and as per the description beneath the video: "All effects (incl. motion blur/explosions/wind/wood etc.) are in shot and were happening as the picture is taken. No cgi is used. Photoshop is only used to remove support wires etc."  Also known as "reason #52 why this is awesome." 

Duel 6

Duel 3

Duel 4

Duel 5

Extra Tidbit: One comment on the video's YouTube page said: "This was why my room was always a mess, mom. Still is, 30 years later..." Definitely a true story.
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