Cool Videos: The Goofiest Villains and Monsters in Horror Movie History

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Hell, I'm excited when October arrives. There's something about this month that triggers a tremendous amount of happiness for myself. I especially love it on JoBlo.com as well. I'm not trying to plug, but there's always cool stuff going on around here and Movie Fan Central. Schmoes are making lists, doing 31 Days of Horror, costume pick swapping (all pretty SFW), and there's always a good video or photo for posting. I try my best to at least add one Halloween/Horror themed article to my shift if possible just to get you guys in the spirit, too.

So for today's Hallo-themed article, I found a supercut of The Goofiest Villains and Monsters in Horror Movie History. I think Flavorwire's Jason Bailey covered most of them, but then again, there's a ton of really bad monsters/villains out there. I had a good laugh at the line from SANTA'S SLAY, "I'm Santa Claus, not f*cking Dracula!" Then there's the sheep from BLACK SHEEP (not the Chris Farley movie). Never forget TROLL 2. OH! And MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE. I know you guys have seen the MST3K riff of that. At least, I hope you have.

Check it out below and let us know if they missed any. If you'd like to see a list of all the films featured, head here.

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Source: VultureFlavorWire



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