Cool Videos: The history of Hammer films in 90 seconds plus a look at their upcoming film

Any self respecting movie fan knows about Hammer Films. Horror fan or not, Hammer produced the consistently best genre films outside of America for several decades. They had their heydey in the sixties and seventies with the DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN films starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. But, Hammer is back after being dormant for a while and have turned out LET ME IN, THE RESIDENT, and the Daniel Radcliffe starring THE WOMAN IN BLACK

Looking to keep themselves relevant, Hammer Films has launched a new YouTube channel dedicated to their films, past, present, and future. They have behind the scenes and retrospectives on well known movies like THE QUARTERMASS XPERIMENT as well as less known gems such as CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER.

The coolest video they launched with is a retrospective that supercuts the entire history of Hammer Films into one 90 second clip. It is a nice compilation and a very cool way to see how many of their movies you can actually name. Check it out.

The Hammer channel also features a behind the scenes look at their next film, THE QUIET ONES, starring Jared Harris and Sam Claflin.

Plot: Directed by John Pogue, inspired by true events, The Quiet Ones tells the story of an unorthodox professor who uses controversial methods and leads his best students off the grid to take part in a dangerous experiment: to create a poltergeist. Based on the theory that paranormal activity is caused by human negative energy, the rogue scientists perform a series of tests on a young patient, pushing her to the edge of sanity. As frightening occurrences begin to take place with shocking and gruesome consequences, the group quickly realizes they have triggered a force more terrifying than they ever could have imagined.

While THE QUIET ONES will not hit theaters until 2013, expect the YouTube channel to continue to update with classic retrospectives and more exclusives for upcoming films. I just hope this time Hammer Films are here to stay.

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Extra Tidbit: My personal favorite from Hammer is their 1966 release, THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES.
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