Cool Videos: The Night Before lip-sync showdown


In order to ring in the holidays in a reasonable and timely fashion, THE NIGHT BEFORE is arriving in theaters... well, now. It's there right now, so you might want to make plans to see it immediately in order to get into the right mindset for Christmas given that it's mid-November.

In any event, in order to spread good cheer and unique promotion for their film, the trio of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie and Seth Rogen hit the stage on Spike's LIP SYNC BATTLE, putting a lot of time, effort, choreography and, in Rogen's case, Santa felt, into making their performances count and giving the audiences something to remember them by. They hope those favorable feelings translate into box office dollars, and, as much as I got a kick out of this, I have mixed feelings on that prospect. I don't need every ensemble looking for that extra oomph in the studio's marketing campaign by trying to pull off stunts like this. This works because it's different. Once different becomes the same, it loses its value.

This is fun though for what it is in the meantime, so enjoy.

THE NIGHT BEFORE is in theaters right now.

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