Cool Videos: The People V. Kanye


AMERICAN CRIME STORY has been a huge hit for FX right now, with audiences glued to their TVs every Tuesday night (or subsequent nights or mornings, using either the FX app or their DVRs) to watch the behind-the-scenes activity dramatically play out from the O.J. Simpson trial. For people too young to remember what that trial was like, the series provides insight into how everything went down up to and through O.J.'s acquittal for double murder charges. For people like me who remember it all vividly, it's a new look at some aspects of the trial, outside of the courtroom, that ultimately impacted the course of those events.

As a result, Funny Or Die has hatched their own ideas as to where the anthology series should go next, and given how outstanding some of the performances have been on the current run of episodes, it'd only make sense to repackage them for another trial. This time, it's Kanye West at the heart of the matter. That's right - THE PEOPLE V. KANYE WEST - and guess what? Once you see the how and why, you'll understand why we really should have someone put this together full force.

THE PEOPLE V. O.J. SIMPSON: AMERICAN CRIME STORY airs every Tuesday night on FX at 10:00 p.m.

Source: Funny Or Die



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