Cool Videos: The reason behind Disney's subliminal sex messages in movies revealed!

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I'm sure most of you are aware of some of the sexual innuendos and inappropriate images that have found their way into certain Disney movies throughout the years, but did you ever wonder why they exist? Some have been blamed on cheeky animators, while Disney claims other instances were purely coincidental. In this new video from Cinefix, the reason why there's a phallic palace in THE LITTLE MERMAID and a dirty image in THE RESCUERS is revealed and it's because of money. It's a fun little video that shouldn't be taken seriously (although this isn't first time Disney has been accused of using sex to sell something) and it's pretty humorous how worked up the guy gets over perverse images in Disney films. Enjoy

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Extra Tidbit: In 1999 Disney recalled about 3.4 million copies of THE RESCUERS because of the "objectionable image" in the film.
Source: Cinefix



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