Cool Videos: The Simpsons opening done in the style of Cowboy Bebop anime

I'm constantly surprised that THE SIMPSONS is still on the air. Hell, the movie is celebrating its tenth year anniversary this year! Now, like many who grew up with the show, I became disillusioned with the show at a certain point, and haven't watched it in probably five years (though a run of ten close-to-perfect seasons, and at least five more really good seasons, isn't a track record to be scoffed at). I imagine new episodes have their moments - these are great, versatile characters after all - but there's only so many times you can allow a show to hurt you.

However, I have to admit THE SIMPSONS is good at appropriating pop-culture. And while this video of THE SIMPSONS opening being recreated in the style of COWBOY BEBOP is indeed fan-made, I can imagine THE SIMPSONS actually doing something like this (hell, they've done an anime couch gag before). Not only that, but this comes right off the heels of the announcement about a live-action COWBOY BEBOP series on the way.

Anyway, if you're a fan of either SIMPSONS or COWBOY BEBOP, you should check the video out below:

Like I said, that was fun. I also liked all the classic bits - such as Hans Moleman getting hit by a football or Hank Scorpio with a backwards suit jacket or "stupid sexy Flanders" - that made it in. But what did you Schmoes think? Sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: There was a Miyazaki tribute on THE SIMPSONS in an episode of season 25 called "Married to the Blob".
Source: YouTube



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