Cool Videos: The Spielberg Face

Even if you're not fully aware of the "Spielberg Face" - that wide-eyed gaze of wonder and shock - you no doubt know it well. It's one of Spielberg's signature moves and evident in nearly all of his films.

This video looks back at the many Spielberg Faces while exploring how the director uses the faces of his actors to affect audiences. Spielberg didn't really use the face until CLOSE ENCOUNTERS but boy, when he did, he really grabbed hold of it and hasn't let it go since. Is it manipulative? Sure, but that's what a good filmmaker does. He makes someone sitting in an air conditioned theater eating popcorn feel an emotion based on a number of audio and visual cues. When done successfully, you don't feel manipulated and that's why Spielberg is so good.

Take a look at the tribute below to remind yourself of the Spielberg face before you go see WAR HORSE and THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN at theaters this holiday season.

Source: Fandor



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