Cool Videos: The Walking Dead honest trailer points out everything wrong with the hit show

THE WALKING DEAD continues to break ratings records every season despite some flagging issues in the writing department. As a huge fan of the show and the source comic, I am still loving the AMC series even though I still share some reservations about the direction it is headed. Sixteen million others must be liking it as well, so something is going right on the zombie drama.

The latest Honest Trailer is much less forgiving than the one they did for BREAKING BAD, pointing out all of the shortcomings on THE WALKING DEAD, many of which you may not have noticed until they are put together in a clip package like this. I honestly didn't realize that Jon Bernthal was rubbing his head that often.

With a rumored second, separate series based on THE WALKING DEAD coming soon, don't expect them to fix what isn't broken. But, we can still point and laugh to our heart's content.

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Source: YouTube



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