Cool Videos: This Arrested Development fighting game isn't real? Come on!

Cool Videos

If your a fan of Arrested Development then you know one of the great things about the show is how often (even if it is small and has absolutely no impact on the episode) something will be shown or said that relates to a previous moment on the show. It's those little hidden gems that fans like myself have come to expect from Arrested Development and we love looking for them.

With that being said, you should get a real kick out of this parody fighting game based on Arrested Development if you've seen the series. It's called "Bluthfighter" and it is from the same guy that created the Breaking Bad LEGO game we showed you last month. The video pits GOB and Tony Wonder against Tobias and Carl Weathers and all of their special moves and attacks are based on certain things the characters have used or done on the show.

For example Tobias has a special move called "Blue Yourself" where he dumps paint all over his opponent and GOB has one involving his Segway. There's a ton of other references and I wish more characters were shown because the possibilities are endless. "Babality" style finishers that involves the characters dancing like a chicken, George Michael slashing away with a curtain rod, Barry Zuckerkorn wiping whatever disease he has this week on your arm...seriously if this game existed I would play the shit out of it.

Watch out for Carl Weathers!

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Extra Tidbit: Has anyone ever played Emo Games? The first flash game was released in 2002 and you can play as different lead singers from emo bands on your quest to save The Get-Up Kids from being raped by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. It's funny as hell and isn't the love letter to the music genre you might think it is. Plus one of the bosses is Fred Durst while he's having sex with a donkey. Awesome.



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