Cool Videos: This time travel short film starring Robert Downey Jr will blow your mind

Just when you thought Robert Downey, Jr. couldn't be any cooler, the IRON MAN 3 star surprises you with something original that makes your day. Granted, this little treat is a few years old, but it goes to show that Downey has always been a kooky and talented guy, despite his career ups and downs.

This 12 minute short is essentially a commercial for Volvo, but in the hands of director Stephen Frears, it becomes a lot more than just an advertisement. Featuring Robert Downey Jr, Robert Downey Jr, Robert Downey Jr, and well, you get the idea, this film, titled "The Route V50", is a riddle wrapped in a time travel paradox wrapped in a mindf*ck.

Do yourself a favor and watch the movie straight through to get the main timeline, then go back and watch it a second and maybe third round to see if you can tie everything back. Like a great episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, this little movie will make your brain explode in all the right ways.

Extra Tidbit: Thanks to Jed Vassallo for the heads up!
Source: YouTube



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