Cool Videos: Todd Phillips hates this interviewer, lets him know

"Having read your site here and there, you might be the worst box-office prognosticator on the planet Earth, let alone that has a web site. Literally. You are wrong 99% of the time...You have this bizarre attitude that you know things about the business but you're...out of control wrong all the time."

And so begins this massively entertaining and schadenfreude-filled interview with THE HANGOVER, PART II director Todd Phillips.

It's no wonder that Phillips' movies have gotten progressively darker - this new HANGOVER film plays like a horror movie with laughs - as the director himself has something of a dark, jerky, punk rock sensibility to him. He's not shy about hating people and telling people that he dislikes them and spends this 30-minute interview wondering aloud why he agreed to do it in the first place.

They do eventually settle down and talk about the movie but Phillips clearly is not that interested in being there, is tired of doing press and a little bit drunk. If you're OK with nervous laughter, you should check this out...

Source: The Hot Button



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