Cool Videos: Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon break each other's faces

If you ever wondered if Tom Cruise could really break anyone's face at a staggering 5'7" (I'm one to talk, I'm the same height), then you can put that question to bed with Jimmy Fallon's latest challenge on The Tonight Show. In Face Breakers, the two square off, throwing footballs at panes of glass with each other's faces painted on. Why footballs? Why not?

Take a look at the shattering results:

Tom Cruise is usually a good sport about these kinds of things, and given his turn in TROPIC THUNDER, I'd love to see the guy in a straight up Seth Rogen-esque comedy. I think the man's due. Of course, he's been promoting his latest flick, Doug Liman's EDGE OF TOMORROW, which has been getting some amazing reviews! Rotten tomatoes currently has it at a solid 90%, while our own Chris Bumbray had some great things to say about it in his review as well.  If we go by midnight screenings, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS earned 4 times what EDGE OF TOMORROW did last night, so I'm really hoping EDGE brings in some bigger numbers.  Nothing against FAULT of course, but EDGE looks to be one of the most entertaining rides of the summer.

EDGE OF TOMORROW is now in theaters!

Source: YouTube



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