Cool Videos: Trace the 75 year evolution of Superman with this great animated tribute

With MAN OF STEEL a box office hit, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN on the way, and multiple comic book series selling well each month, it is still amazing to think that Superman has only existed for 75 years. The character is so ensconced in American pop culture that we sometimes forget how much he has changed over the past three quarters of a century.

This animated tribute to Superman goes back to his very beginnings in Action Comics #1 and all the way through his costume changes, major storylines, television series, and feature films while being accompanied by the unforgettable John Williams theme song.

We will have to wait and see if BATMAN VS SUPERMAN can take the character to yet another level than we have seen before, but if you watch this video I guarantee that you will want to go back and revisit every Superman cartoon, comic, or movie that you have seen before. All tributes should be this good.

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Source: YouTube



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