Treyarch goes Grindhouse for Call of the Dead

I'm just about reaching my breaking point with the repetitiveness of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which can only mean one thing. Time for another map pack! The new batch of levels comes out May 3rd and features a Soviet zoo or some weird shit like that. Usually it's just the new multiplayer maps that are plugged, but Treyarch has taken the time to make sure their new zombie map is something to talk about as well.

They've created this Grindhouse-ish trailer for the new map and titled the feature "Call of the Dead." It has a roster of actual actors as the four survivors this time, with Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund and Michael Rooker as the four fighting for their lives among the hordes. And they've even included a special guest star, but I'll let you watch the trailer for that one.

The Escalation map pack hits May 3rd on Xbox 360, and on the PSN sometime in 2013 if current outages continue.

Extra Tidbit: Oh and by the way, Sony says all your personal information is compromised too. Watch those credit card statements.
Source: Treyarch



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