Cool Videos: Twilight meets bad lip reading in the funniest video you will watch today

I am going to start this post off with the following disclaimer: I am not a TWILIGHT fan in any way. I think they are bad books and even worse movies. I have no desire to see the upcoming final film nor do I understand the appeal of the characters. I agree with Paul Shirey that vampires are meant to be scary, not wussy hipsters who drive Volvos.

But, TWILIGHT does make for good parody. This one comes courtesy of the folks at Bad Lip Reading. They have done some hilarious political videos. The new dialogue fits even if it doesn't make much sense. in the case of TWILIGHT, it actually improves the movie. Now the plot finally makes sense!

"Mouses have wee-wees?"

"You slapped a fish! Why would you do that? You punched it!"

Oh man, I love this so much. The folks at Bad Lip Reading also have a funny one for JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME and HIGH SCHOOL. Check them out.

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Source: YouTubeScreenCrush



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