Cool Videos: Watch all 84 Best Picture winners in this beautiful montage

In what is shaping up to be the most wide open Best Picture category in a long time, this Sunday's Academy Awards promises to be one of the more entertaining shows in a long time. The ceremony will benefit from host Seth MacFarlane bringing a snark to the usually dry event.

But, remember that the Oscars have been around for 85 years and in that time we have seen some surprises (CRASH) and some odd choices (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE over SAVING PRIVATE RYAN? Really?). In the end, we have a catalog of movies that truly summarizes American cinema over the last century. This excellent montage brings together all of the past winners in one since four minute clip along with a look at each of this year's nine nominated movies.

So, sit back and enjoy a look at the evolution of film, from WINGS to THE ARTIST.

The 85th annual Academy Awards air this Sunday, February 24th at 8pm EST.

Extra Tidbit: Just in case you were curious, the video is set to the song "November” by Max Richter



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