Cool Videos: Watch Matt Damon hijack Jimmy Kimmel Live with appearances from Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, and more!

When he's not bringing us a trailer for the upcoming Neil Blomkamp-directed ELYSIUM, Matt Damon spends his time in a "fued" with late night host Jimmy Kimmel, which has lasted for many years now.  Both Damon and Kimmel have gone toe to toe on the show with a series of funny jabs that has made for an amusing relationship between the two, to say the least.  Well, after numerous snubs from Kimmel, Damon took matters into his own hands and hijacked the show, running it himself as host with a bevy of big-name guests like Gary Oldman, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, Sarah Silverman, and Ben Affleck. 

I've included a few clips from the hijinks below, but feel free to jump over to Jimmy Kimmel Live's You Tube channel to catch the whole enchilada.  In the meantime, take a look at some of the more humorous parts of last night's hijacking. 

Damon steals the opening:

Robin Williams helps Damon with his monologue:

Jimmy Kimmel auditions for every Matt Damon role (with original actors!):

Ben Affleck reveals his loyalties:

You can catch Jimmy Kimmel Live weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on ABC

Extra Tidbit: Are you team Damon or team Kimmel?
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