Cool Videos: Watch this excellent tribute to Martin Scorsese and his films set in New York City

Martin Scorsese loves New York City. He was born in Queens, attended New York University's film school, and many of his films have been set in or around the famous city. Robert Kolodny edited this fantastic tribute to the Big Apple and Martin Scorsese called "Scorsese's New York," featuring clips from movies by the director set in NYC. Kolodny did an awesome job with this tribute, and it uses clips from 14 different films by Scorsese, including BRINGING OUT THE DEAD, GANGS OF NEW YORK, TAXI DRIVER, MEAN STREETS, RAGING BULL, and his most recent movie, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. If you love Martin Scorsese and "The City That Never Sleeps," you absolutely need to watch this video.

"A visual love letter to New York City through the eyes and talents of its most enduring son, Martin Scorsese. A study in cinema on the aesthetic that Scorsese has distilled and reinvented over a five decade career, capturing America's most vibrant and gritty urban environment. New York inspires Marty...Marty inspires New York."

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Source: Vimeo



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