COOL VIDEOS: Wes Anderson-directed stop motion commercial for smartphones

Director Wes Anderson has brought his signature style to advertising before and now harkens back to his FANTASTIC MR. FOX stop-motion roots to create an ad for Sony's Xperia smartphones.  The idea was to interview a group of kids about how they thought the phones operated and their responses were as varied and imaginative as a conversation with Gary Busey. 

Anderson took those responses and built the robot-centric ad for Sony, which features little (and big) robots inside the smartphone, conducting their robot operations.  The ad is fun and inventive, making me yearn for more Wes Anderson work along these lines.  Thankfully, we have MOONRISE KINGDOM on the way this year.  The ad doesn't sway me to buy Sony's smartphone, as I'm perfectly happy with the hamster on a wheel inside my iPhone, but it's a clever use of a director's skill to sell a product, so kudos for the effort.


Extra Tidbit: I would love to see Anderson tackle another feature-length stop-motion film. Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of my all-time favorite films and to see more like it would be great. Fingers crossed. Not sure if that works, but I'll do it anyway.
Source: Movies.com



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