Cool Videos: What if Ben Affleck was Batman while filming Good Will Hunting?

Tired of the Ben Affleck/Batman stories? Yeah, neither am I. This latest video imagines what it would have been like if Ben Affleck had gotten cast as the Caped Crusader way back in his GOOD WILL HUNTING days. You know, back when he was a douche from Bah-ston? You may recognize the guy playing Batman from various other videos and he knocks it out of the park again. The actor is Pete Holmes and this character will be a part of his new show on TBS titled THE PETE HOLMES SHOW.

Of course it is idiotic to imagine a scenario where something like this would have happened, but it is still funny to see. They do a good job of integrating Batman into the scenes from GOOD WILL HUNTING. Plus, there are some funny jabs at Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale from THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy.

I imagine once we see Affleck as Batman that many of us will find ourselves jumping to opposite sides of the bandwagon. Those of us in favor may be disappointed while those crying for his head now may come around to accept him in the role. All I know is this will be different from any Batman we have seen to date.

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