Cool Videos: What if Michael Haneke had directed Star Wars: Episode VII instead of Amour

I watched AMOUR a few weeks ago and was devastated by how bleak it is. Don't get me wrong, it was an excellent movie, just incredibly depressing. But, what do you expect from a Michael Haneke movie? Puppies and flowers? At this year's Cesar Awards in France, a little tribute to Haneke was put together imagining what his version of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII may look like. The result is STAR WARS VII: THE OBSCURE SIDE OF THE FORCE.

Even if you haven't seen AMOUR, that video is pretty damn funny. It also goes to show that STAR WARS should be opened to various genres. Maybe not helmed by Haneke, but I can see a lot of different takes on STAR WARS that would make the universe even more immersive.

If you haven't had the chance to see AMOUR, or if you avoid subtitled films in general, I implore you to check it out. Haneke is an excellent director and the acting is incredible. You could almost look at it like a horror movie about getting old.

Source: Blastr



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