Cool Videos: Whether you prefer your Batman made by Nolan or with Legos, these homages are worth your time

With THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hitting Blu-ray, we can close the door to an era of superhero darkness. But, that doesn't mean the fun has to end!

We have a pair of videos here that pay homage to Christopher Nolan's sage in very unique ways. The first is an almost 10 minute compilation of the entire DARK KNIGHT trilogy. This is a great piece of work, utilizing the Hans Zimmer score and all of the footage from the three films to make a cohesive and action-packed look at the three films.

From the YouTube video description: When one looks at the superhero film genre, Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy is an unmissable staple. Nolan brought to Batman what no other director has before, a perfect blend of action, emotional depth and grit. All three installments of this masterfully crafted saga tie together a compelling retelling of Bruce Wayne's story. Across these films we see Bruce confront his own desire for revenge, his vulnerability and ultimately the realization of the sacrifice it takes to truly save the city of Gotham. With 'The Dark Knight Legend', it was my goal to shine a light on this fascinating personal journey Bruce Wayne takes throughout the trilogy.

The second video is a scene by scene remake of the third trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES but done completely in Lego. I myself have dabbled in Lego for fun and entertainment, but I have to commend anyone who has the patience to animate with the building blocks. It takes patience, precision, and originality.

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