Cool Videos: Willow Ufgood and Madmartigan team up once again in this clip from Life's Too Short

Cool Videos

For those of you that haven't seen it, Life's Too Short is a fantastic show about the every day life of actor Warwick Davis and his interaction with celebrities as he tries to find work, with Davis and the celebrity cameos all play fictionalized versions of themselves. We've shown you a couple of clips previously from the first season featuring Johnny Depp making sure that Ricky Gervais knows that no one makes fun of Tim Allen on his watch and Liam Neeson doing the best/worst improv comedy ever.

A special one hour episode of the show just aired and one of the cameos for this episode was none other than Madmartigan himself, Mr. Val Kilmer. The WILLOW reunion alone is enough to make me smile but then Kilmer tries to do a little routine in this clip involving a Batman mask and Warwick Davis' dim-witted secretary and it doesn't go very well. Take a look and enjoy.

Extra Tidbit: If you like Life's Too Short and you haven't seen Extras you should check it out immediately.
Source: BBC Two



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