Cool Videos: Yub Nub goes acoustic


Longtime STAR WARS fans love their Yub Nub.

Going back to the Original Trilogy of STAR WARS, before the Special Editions and all of George Lucas' tinkering with his films, RETURN OF THE JEDI had a different ending. There was no celebration across the galaxy over the destruction of the second Death Star and the seeming defeat of the Empire. There was a simple party at Ewok Village, where everyone was thankful for the safe return of many of our favorites and blew off some steam that the mission finally appeared to be accomplished. The Emperor is dead. Darth Vader is gone. Let's have some drinks.

The Yub Nub song that rang out as the soundtrack of this Ewok shindig was etched into the brains of anyone and everyone who witnessed RETURN OF THE JEDI in its original form. However, time has washed those nostalgic memories away some as younger generations haven't had a chance to hear what Yub Nub is all about and older fans... well, we just start to forget things.

However, thanks to a man known simply as Pudge, we can fondly remember everything we ever loved about Yub Nub, while exposing others to it in a new acoustically soulful version. This is the power of STAR WARS.

Source: PudgeNet



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