Coolio in Daredevil?!

Things were going so well up to this point.  I was happy with almost every aspect of the DAREDEVIL production.  Then comes this story, out of the blue, that knocks the damn wind out of me.  Variety is reporting that rapper and B-movie actor Coolio has landed a role in DAREDEVIL.  No specifications on what size or kind of role it is but considering all the major parts are cast, it's probably not a huge one (at least that's what I'm telling myself).  Possibly a henchman to the Kingpin?   Either way, I can't believe they auditioned Coolio with a bunch of other trained actors and actually said "This guy's the one!"  Hopefully just spin by Coolio's publicist trying to get his name back in the papers and his role is actually that of an extra.  And hell, if they're casting people like Coolio, why not put me in the film? I was in my junior high production of "Fame" and starred as Lenny in a high school version of "Of Mice and Men." And I'm not nearly as annoying as Coolio...

One step away from a 1-800-CALL-ATT commercial

Source: Variety
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