Cooper going green?

I'm not quite sure what to make of Bradley Cooper. He works in ensembles like HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU and he looks good in the upcoming laffer THE HANGOVER, but I'm not quite convinced that he can carry a movie on his own. However I'm just a lowly writer with bad breath, and Warner Bros. seems to disagree with me. Rumour has it that Cooper is in talks to star in the upcoming DC barnburner GREEN LANTERN, to be directed by one of the hottest directors in Hollywood Martin Campbell.

Chris Pine and Ryan Gosling were once rumoured to be playing the role of Hal Jordan, the ordinary man who is given the power ring and battery by a dying alien named Abin Sur to fight evil form across the land, but it looks like Cooper is currently the front-runner. We all agree that THE HANGOVER is poised for big things this summer, but is Cooper really the man for the role? You tell me.

Extra Tidbit: If not Cooper, then who?
Source: Hitflix



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