Coraline animation company Laika now working on Wildwood

Stop motion films are few and far between in this age of CGI, and as such you have to respect those who still take the insane amount of time it takes to make them.

One prominent studio would be Laika, who did the work for CORALINE a while back. They've found their next project now in the form of WILDWOOD, an adaptation of a book by Colin Meloy (lead singer of the Decemberists) and his wife Carson Ellis. The plot?

“Prue McKneel, a young lady who must confront a world filled with magic and danger after her younger brother is kidnapped, forcing her to enter the Impassable Wilderness.”

Laika CEO Travis Knight had this to say about their upcoming tango with the material:

"It’s a story in the grand tradition of Tolkien, as big as ‘Lord of the Rings’ with a wonderful contemporary quality as well. Nothing of its kind has been attempted in our medium. You have these epic scenes alongside very nuanced character moments, which are the two hardest things to do in stop-motion. It’s exciting to imagine how this might all come together."

They've already produced the trailer for the book (books have trailers now?) which you can see below:

Extra Tidbit: Forget NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Mel Gibson's CHICKEN RUN is the best stop motion movie ever made.
Source: Variety



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