Corey Haim talks!

You'll pardon my brief obsession with Corey Haim and his equally brief appearance in CRANK HIGH VOLTAGE but there's just one more thing I want to share with you and then I promise I'll be done with the topic (at least until the DVD comes out with optional Haim commentary track). While Lionsgate has been pushing CHV very hard virally online, there hasn't been much going on in the traditional methods of film publicity. No junket, no screenings, etc. But somehow Slashfilm was able to track down Haim and they had what can only be described as an interesting interview with the dude. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

Describing his character Randy: "I wear shirts and stuff."

"I used to keep my mouth open and catch flies."

On his philosophy on life: "Me working, that’s a good thing."

When asked if he's on Twitter: "What the hell is that man? A social network?"

And this is perhaps my favorite: "I want to direct. Definitely a goal of mine. I want to direct sci-fi, definitely not horror. Horror movies, man, the blood entails so much time. And horror movies are not fun, definitely not starting there as a director. Definitely not horror. I’d like to do something like License to Drive. Maybe some cool animation? I’m just kicking ideas around. I really like dramas, and horror movies are second…well, if I can get past the blood, I’m good to go. Then third, comedy is where it’s at for me, so that’s always number one, but maybe I’ll mix it up and make it a dramedy?..."

That's right folks. Corey Haim is the new Cameron Crowe. Or perhaps a rising star at Pixar. We love ya Corey. Click here to read the entire interview at Slashfilm.

Extra Tidbit: And for the record, Corey admits that LOST BOYS 2 "absolutely" sucked.
Source: Slashfilm



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